FAQ: Creating and Modifying a List in Python - Lists II

This community-built FAQ covers the “Lists II” exercise from the lesson “Creating and Modifying a List in Python”.

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FAQs on the exercise Lists II

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In reference to “Lists” can the " "(double quotes) and ’ '(single quotes) be used interchangeably? Coz earlier in the course, it was said both can be used but in “Lists” only single quotes are being used?

Thanks in advance!

This is a weird error message. I am not sure what I am missing.

What would be the usefulness of the ability to put different types of data in a list? Would it be ease of access? Would it be ease of compiling information?

Also, is there any way to important a certain list made from another program, for example Excel? (Although I guess that this will probably be covered in the future)

Edit - I eventually looked around in the docs and found that the way to submit a bug report is via the “Get Unstuck” link - so, I’ve done that and submitted a bug report for the text.

Hey - there’s a mistake in learn-python-3/lessons/create-python-list/exercises/list-multiple-data-types

The variable is sams_height_and_testscore , and the earlier part of the question indicates these lists contain people’s height, but the description for sams_height_and_testscore is (emphasis mine):

  1. The string "Sam" (to represent sam’s name)
  2. The number 67 (to represent sam’s average grade)
  3. The float 85.5 (to represent sam’s score)
  4. The boolean True (to represent sam passing the test)

This should get changed to “Sam’s Height” to maintain consistency both with the rest of the example, as well as with the name of the variable! (I wonder where I can “report an issue?”


I got an error to define `sam_height_and_testscore but haven’t learned how to define it?

// You wrote:
sam_height_and_testscor = 

// It should be
sam_height_and_testscore = 

Yeah I also found it and moved on, thanks for your reply!