FAQ: Control Flow - Try and Except Statements

This community-built FAQ covers the “Try and Except Statements” exercise from the lesson “Control Flow”.

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FAQs on the exercise Try and Except Statements

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def divides(a,b):
result = a / b
print (result)
except ZeroDivisionError:
print (“Can’t divide by zero!”)

Don’t we need to define ZeroDivisionError before “Except”, otherwise how is it going to be operated?

ZeroDivisionError is an exception built into the python programming language.

here is the whole list of built-in exceptions:


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can anyone tell me why this gives me a tick in the checkbox but is different from the solution?

def raises_value_error():
    raise ValueError
  except ValueError:
    print("You raised a ValueError!")

An exception should be raised and not be caught

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What is the usage of the ‘raise’ in try and except statements?
I haven’t learnt about it before and codecademy just brought it here out of blue. I am confused.

raise raises an exception. Raising exceptions can be very useful. In programming its common to encounter new concepts, there is nothing wrong about using google to help you gain information