FAQ: Control Flow - Relational Operators II

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Can I get some feedback on my control flow function, I want to know if there is anyway to rewrite this in 2 if statements instead of 3.


def greater_than(x, y):
  if x == y:
    return "These numbers are the same"
  elif x > y:
    return x
  elif y > x:
    return y

Since there are only three possibilities, then one of them can be the default, thereby eliminating one of the elifs.

    if x > y: return x
    if y > x: return y
    return "These numbers are the same".    #  default

Since each branch returns to the caller, we don’t even need an elif

Extra Study (to keep under your hat for the time being)

return x if x > y else y if y > x else "These numbers are the same"

The above is a conditional expression, rather than an if statement. Only one outcome can be returned.


ahh thank you so much I was on this for like 30 minutes trying to think of how can I make it more efficient code. thank you big time!

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You’re welcome. I would advise at this time to focus less on efficiency and more on the practical value of naive code. Write what works, first, then examine it for possible ways to simplify it. It’s not about efficiency, but diversification. Build a library in your mind of the many and varied ways to perform the same action or arrive at the same outcome. That’s the real beauty of any language, Python no less.


ok definitely ill keep that in mind

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