FAQ: Control Flow - Boolean Operators: or


This community-built FAQ covers the “Boolean Operators: or” exercise from the lesson “Control Flow”.

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FAQs on the exercise Boolean Operators: or

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I noticed the same thing.


Please check the instructions of the exercises for the boolean part. There are some missing inputs


Had the same issue, I’ve just issued a bug comment for exercise 7, 8 and 9. Hopefully they will it and fix it shortly.


codeacademy_lessons_7_8_9 != premium_content



I think the exercise should have asked for either type() or bool() function

statement_two =(9 + 5 <= 15) or (7 != 4 + 3)
statement_two =(9 + 5 <= 15) or (7 != 4 + 3)

And I agree re: bugs. codecademy does a TERRIBLE job of responding to bug reports! Haven’t they ever heard of JIRA or similar?


I’m going through these lessons now and they work fine for me. Could someone post a screenshot of what’s wrong? I don’t understand what you mean by the instructions for the chapters being incomplete :frowning_face:


When given a visual example to evaluate, we are expected to do it in our head, using what we understand about operator precedence and order of operations, and about OR. We are NOT to use the interface to solve those two expressions.

Look, and evaluate, then write only the outcome as you have determined it. If you get it wrong, then find out why.

It is imperative that we get this concept straight in our thinking, and the only way to do that is to think, not tap keys.

Which makes no sense whatever. The lesson is clearly about OR and does not reference type in any way, nor does it even mention bool.


I have looked at the activity again and it seems that the issue has been resolved.