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This community-built FAQ covers the “Else If” exercise from the lesson “Conditionals & Logic”.

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Edit: I already solved this.

I get this error while running my code:

ph.cpp:30:1: error: expected declaration before '}' token

Does anyone know what it means?

Solution: I had an additional } at the end. I removed it.


**Problem: ** It keeps telling me " Did you write an if , else if , else statement?" even tough I used them. I refreshed but it still doens’t work, I also tried to copy and paste it back but it doesn’t work, reset neither.

You can see that on the screenshot.

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I had the same issue and it was the line spacing. Try entering a blank line between each line of code.
Thank you,

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I did the same and it worked… but isn’t that last curly bracket supposed to be there (at the end) to close the entire code?

Hopefully someone’s answer this question soon, been having the same issue it terms of the code not working. After deleting the curly bracket it worked what’s going on confused Im thought that how we close the entire code

I keep getting this error for some reason:

I had to delete the contents of grades.cpp and so the program would work. Is this a bug or am I missing something? Does that mean I can’t keep the contents of grades.cpp?

The error code means that you have more than one ‘int main()’ function declared, not a bug or missing code issue. I think it is because of the main () function written in your grade.cpp. It did happen to mine when 2 files are saved in one workspace. Maybe there are some exceptions, though I’m not so sure myself. Only one of them can be compiled and executed, so that is why removing grade.cpp solves the error issue.

I hope this answered your question @ daniellabrador

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pH (instead of ph) would be more appropriate.

Sincerely, Michael