FAQ: Conditionals and Control Flow - Review

This community-built FAQ covers the “Review” exercise from the lesson “Conditionals and Control Flow”.

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I don’t really understand what they’re asking us to do in this exercise.


That is up to you, its a review exercise. You can use this to fiddle around with the code and test the code.

The exercise suggests to make different orders to test all the different scenarios/condition you have.

The code appears to be broken. It only returns high or low value item. Are we supposed to fix the code or is that a mistake?

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What code do you have? This FAQ belongs to a review exercises, theses exercises allow to fiddle with what you just learned

Hi! I have a problem in the Review of Conditionals and Control flow. We need to create different Order instances and see if we can run the code in all the different conditional blocks.

In main, I have created:

Order myOrder = new Order(true, 134.50, "Express");

And it shows a mistake. What am I doing wrong?

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calculateShipping is a method, calling a method requires parentheses.

also, the syntax you currently use is for accessing instance fields:


Thanks a lot! Now it´s working;))

Hello, just wanted to ask why the cheatsheet to this lesson isn’t available.

Order myOrder = New Order(true, 5.99, “Express”);


I don’t understand what’s wrong. (I wrote this in main as an instance and it isn’t working)

Can i see your full code?

Nevermind, it works now, thanks for replying.

So, I’m don’t understand exactly how i do orders.
Can someone send some help?

i feel stuck when i try to calling methods

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you create an instance ( ex. Order gamingMouse = New Order (true, 15.99, “Express”);


Once you’ve created the instance, call in the method (I guess, hope this helps its hard to explain, you can also look at older messages in this forum and see if it helps)

My code will only say 21.0 can anyone help

Order lemonade = new Order(false, 21, “”);


What else did you expect then?

uhh for there to be the false and for there to be the default thing

and why? I don’t understand what the problem is. The code works, and does what you expect.

sorry, could you clarify this? I have no idea what you mean by “and for there to be a default thing”. Could mean anything.

in the code there is boolean isFilled and String shippingMethod but the only one that shows in text is double cost