FAQ: Conditional Statements - Comparison Operators

This is what the exercise asks:

The exercise merely tells us what we should log for if and else. These are mere requirements what should happen in all the different cases/scenarios. these instruction don’t say anything about the actual outcome, or what is actually logged.

This is where you have an opportunity (before you run the code), what is the expected output? Then run, and see if you are correct :slight_smile:

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I was under the impression that it was asking it should log this on if and that on else. At least that is what the wording suggests. I can understand why it logs what it logs, I was just wondering if there was something more complex that I was not grasping. Thank you for your answer.

Your impression was spot on :slight_smile:

very good :slight_smile:

seems you grasped it just fine :slight_smile: No hidden layers here.

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