FAQ: Conditional Aggregates - Combining aggregates

This community-built FAQ covers the “Combining aggregates” exercise from the lesson “Conditional Aggregates”.

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SQL: Table Transformation

FAQs on the exercise Combining aggregates

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Codecademy’s solution is wrong and correct solution is at the link below


Once again, this module is plagued with unclear instructions. Here’s the text of the exercise:

Using the same pattern, find the percentage of flights from Delta by origin ( carrier = 'DL' )

In the query, alias the column as percentage_flight_distance_from_delta.

A literal reading of the first part would have the reader conclude the exercise is to determine the percent of the number of flights organized by origin, which would require a row sum [SUM(*)], but then the alias tells us we’re supposed to find the percentage of flight distance…

Perhaps the test creators are trying to teach future data scientists how to deal with unclear requests from management. Maybe there should be a section on business hermeneutics.

This entire course is disappointing - a lot of unclear instructions, e.g.

Using the same pattern, find the percentage of flights from Delta by origin (carrier = ‘DL’)

In the query, alias the column as


“Percentage of flights” would mean number of flights (COUNT), whereas the alias instruction is talking about flight distance (SUM).

Did someone at Codecademy even check before releasing this course? Make it good before you charge money.

I agree with all above. Please tell me this gets better. I thought the beginning SQL stuff was great. But now I’m just clicking through to get to the next topic. and why no cheatsheets?! I use those a lot to study.

I’m finding this course really frustrating and unclear. It feels like it was made in a rush.