FAQ: Components and Advanced JSX - Use a Variable Attribute in a Component

This community-built FAQ covers the “Use a Variable Attribute in a Component” exercise from the lesson “Components and Advanced JSX”.

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Learn ReactJS: Part I

FAQs on the exercise Use a Variable Attribute in a Component

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How come a carriage return after ‘return’ causes an error? I thought white space in JS was irrelevant. This seems like a bug in the solution parsing on your autograder.

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I have:

  • 2 objects {owl, redPanda}
  • 2 components made from those obj

Can I pack 2 those two components in ReactDOM.render or…
Or it’s not possible due to Virtual DOM limitations?

const pandaHook = document.getElementById("panda");


<React.StrictMode> <RedPanda />,

<App /> </React.StrictMode>,


const owlHook = document.getElementById("owl");


<React.StrictMode> <Owl />,

<App /> </React.StrictMode>, owlHook);

I’m wondering, why can’t the class contain a variable with attributes such as:

const owl = {

  title: 'Excellent Owl',

  src: 'https://s3.amazonaws.com/codecademy-content/courses/React/react_photo-owl.jpg'


I’ve tried rendering it by accessing it with this.owl.src and also Owl.owl.src (the class component name: Owl) but both won’t render. Does it have something to do with Component classes?