FAQ: Compile & Execute - Compile and Execute

I still don’ t understand

I had this same problem earlier too. For me, I had three sections on my screen: one with the instructions, one where I could type in code and then the third section was just a black rectangle with the word “Terminal” on it. You are not supposed to type in the middle section, but in the section on the right. If you can’t click on it and it only says “Terminal” then try refreshing. You’ll know that the problem is fixed if there is a dollar sign on the rightmost column, then just type the code given in that column.

I have a question, if i want the g++ to compile the next line of the code
std::cout << “Hello\n”;
std::cout << “Test\n”;

if i want to compile the second code, then how do i do it ?
./hello will only execute the first line. so how do i let it execute the second line as well ?

Thank you so much mate :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much! I thought it was bugged and almost sent in a bug report.

im stuck on this one

How to compile? It’s showing me this:

bash: ./my_executable.out: No such file or directory

That’s not much to go on. The error is telling you that you don’t have a file named my_executable.out in your current directory. Did you compile a .cpp file? If so, what command did you use to do so?

Hopefully I get a response soon, I don’t understand what I’ve done hello is a folder and a.out is separate one?