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Below are a few commonly asked questions & mistakes for HTML & CSS

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###Error in CSS code
If your CSS code is not passing as it has an error in it, written by @zainabrawat

###Error in HTML code
If your HTML code is not passing as it has an error in it, written by @zainabrawat

###Font Size
If you have set the font to the correct size but it is still not passing because of the font-size, written by @zainabrawat

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CSS Glossary
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If you are getting an error in your CSS code check:

  • Is your CSS linked correctly to your HTML ?
    <link type="text/stylesheet" rel="stylesheet" href="stylesheet.css">
  • Is your element closed ?               SEE :arrow_right:
  • Are you targeting the correct selector ?
  • Is the spelling correct ?
  • Check and make sure!
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If you are getting an error in HTML code check:

* Are all your tags closed? Most HTML elements require both an opening and a closing tag: `

` :arrow_left:   `open` | `close`   :arrow_right: `

` * Your tags should be lowercase `

` uppercase p `

` :negative_squared_cross_mark: `

` lowercase p `

` :white_check_mark: `

` mixed upper&lowercase `

` :negative_squared_cross_mark:

Font size issues

It could be either of the two:

If your error is: Did you give your paragraph a font-size of 26px [or any other size]? It looks like it's currently 16px. then your issue will be your browser’s zoom. Make sure you’re not accidentally zoomed in/out? Use ctrl+0 (PC) or cmd+0 (Mac) to reset.

If your error is: it looks like your code is 12px instead of 10px then the issue is your browser’s minimum font size - click here to find out how change that.