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This FAQ is for 1. HTML Basics.

###Title is not displaying in the Tab
If you are wondering why the title tab is not appearing in Codecademy’s preview, written by @zainabrawat

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Is the "Title" supposed to show up anywhere besides my code?

Why doesn't my title appear in Codecademy's preview ?

This question arises many times so here's the answer:

The title tag adds the title to your browsers tab :arrow_right:

Why can't we see the title on Codecademy ?

Codecademy uses something called an iframe, preventing the title from showing up in the browser tab where it should. You could try it on jsbin, which allows your title beside theirs. Even better would be a local html file - @stetim94

Just to clarify this is the title tag :arrow_down:

<title> Codecademy learner's </title>

*Should be placed in your <head> </head> tags

<title> ....... </title>
[FAQ] Common Problems #Read Me
Title is not shown in the preview