FAQ: Code Challenges: JavaScript Fundamentals - sillySentence()


This community-built FAQ covers the “sillySentence()” exercise from the lesson “Code Challenges: JavaScript Fundamentals”.

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Why would they want me to do it exactly their way? i literally coded my own good function working all well and its wrong because it wasnt made their way lol


looking at the tests for that exercise, it only appears to test behaviour. Maybe your code behaved slightly incorrectly.


Here’s my code I used for this and it’s not working…any suggestions?

const sillySentence =(input1, input2, input3) => {
return I am so ${input1} because I ${input2} coding! Time to write some more awesome ${input3};


Never mind, they wanted me to change my variables names to what they have. Thanks any way


They… don’t.
You probably changed something else as well (the code you shown won’t produce the right string)


Hi Team… I’m new and while the result gets printed cleanly on my screen- Its still appearing as wrong? Any ideas?

function sillySentence (adjective, verb, noun) { return I am so ${adjective} because I ${verb} coding! Time to write some more awesome ${noun}!;} I have tried variable name changes, using const syntax versus function. Any variation gives me the printed result on the screen, but still asks if i have used string concatenation or string interpolation?


Don’t bother! Poor marking team! Why should i have to call them String1, String2, String3?