FAQ: Code Challenges: Intermediate JavaScript - justCoolStuff()

This comment I am writing is not a question it is a suggestion to the creators of the content.
This section and the curriculum within is presented as “practice”. However, I disagree that it is “Practice”. It is new curriculum that hasn’t been discussed in previous chapters as there are new uses and formatting and arrangement of syntax. At some point, I realized enough to stop bothering to try to come up with a solution of my own, which would never have arrived at anyways, as I am unfamiliar with these new and subtle syntax behaviors which are wonderful and important to know how to utilize, but can’t possibly be arrived at through a logical approach by anyone who isn’t already familiar with them. ie. using multiple arguments in an arrow function. Thought you should know, this reminds me more of what irritated with all of teamtreehouse’s curriculum and made me change to codeacademy to begin with. Maybe, have some lessons on this first before the practice or else people will give up and quit…I had little issues with completing your JavaScript track and successfully did so!