FAQ: Code Challenges: Intermediate JavaScript - Fix The Broken Code!


tbh, we are all probably on the same boat here! I did get stressed and at one point agreed with you on everything BUT! I actually had to stop and relax for a few days and come back to this and the problem is actually rather simple! There’s a reason why these guys won’t give any further hints, because the answer is really rather simple!

Hands up red as I am very guilty when it some to looking up answer when I gets stuck, I will do it rather than try to go back, recap myself and figure out solutions. But the in real world, if this is going to be your job then you’ll have to be able to do this yourself. These guys are not going to be there to help you!

It is simply what it said on the tin, they didn’t want you to do any coding, they just want you to find the problem and fix it (AKA “replace”), it’s actually pretty simple!

This is a hint.

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Except that there’s stackoverflow, Github and a million other helpful communities that provide similar support to real-world developers, but yeah, I definitely get your drift.

FYI, I’m not planning to be a “coder” per se - I’m going for more web and UX/UI design. That said I believe it’s invaluable and important to learn as much about HTML, CSS and JavaScript as I can, so I definitely see the value in hanging in there when frustration and resistance bear their ugly little heads.

One of my favorite quotes by Lillian Hellman is: “Things start out as hopes and end up as habits.”

And when I inevitably need more motivation when I’m feeling frustrated, I turn to Zero-to-Programmer, @zero2programmer.

In fact, I find myself returning to this blog post again and again…it keeps me going more days than I care to admit >>>

The Inner Game of Self-taught Development: Consistency vs Passion https://zero2programmer.substack.com/p/the-inner-game-of-self-taught-development?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=cta


Yep, I finally figured it out. Thanks!

that page!! Thanks for that! I’ve just scanned through and it look like a bible for coder! :joy: :joy:

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BTW, did my hint helped or you’ve managed to figure that out before? JW

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Honestly this is the best example of how to understand what is going on in this practice problem.

It’s important that everyone know that inner loop will run until the condition is true . Honestly none of us have seen an example like this through out the course and some of the projects go from level 2 to 8.

Everyone remember computer are dumb and we are telling them what to do. So its imperative we not focus on syntax but the principals and overall logic of the program.

Hang in there with programming you have to fail your way to success. There’s been a few projects I couldn’t understand even with the solution being presented. Keep drudging a long. You got this and don’t give up!!!