FAQ: Code Challenges: Intermediate JavaScript - Fix The Broken Code!


This community-built FAQ covers the “Fix The Broken Code!” exercise from the lesson “Code Challenges: Intermediate JavaScript”.

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FAQs on the exercise Fix The Broken Code!

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I’m confused with instructions regarding this exercise… what exactly are we suppose to do? what’s problem we are asked to solve? wording is terrible.


I can see what’s wrong but still don’t understand what the function should do.

the smallest power of two which is greater than the current element

What does this mean? So 8 is the smallest power of 2 which is greater than the current element 5? Please explain.


The wording is fine… Try identifying what you don’t understand, for example, what is a power of two, which such values exist, and which of them is the smallest one that is greater than some other value, and which value is that other value?


Thanks guys, i figured out but just wan’t sure what was being asked…