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This community-built FAQ covers the “Code Challenge” exercise from the lesson “Code Challenges”.

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Typo in instructions:

Create a route handler with mountainRangesHandler to send back the mountainRanges array in response to a GET /mountainRanges request.

but it should be app.use(’/mountain-ranges’, mountainRangesRouter)


Can’t say for certain but surely Express.js recognizes camelCase and converts to hypenated.


No, it’s not. And there’s no reason why it should be converted by default.


Can’t think of an example right now but I’m sure we come across this in React.js. Pity I’ve not gone down that road very far and dipped my toes into the water so many months ago. For all I know it could have been Rails. No real matter. Maybe a coach will pipe in on this topic being as it is in the Guide.


I faced the same issue too. I was about to write about it before I saw your post here.
I did some research about whether Express converts cameCase to hyphenated or not, I couldn’t find anything about this. I would be surprised if it does this by default.


@bolonia & @alial-hajji520410814, You guys are right, express does not convert it by default, so in cases like this it would leave the camel casing on the url:
Is it bad? Well, yes, best practices require us to hyphenate our URL routes, so in my example, I should have:
As you two may already know, the reason behind hyphen is because it makes the site “crawlable” which will place it farther up in the search (more visibility) when a person queries for related content to your site or API, and we use a hyphen for that because it is not a word character and you do not need to implement any special keys to get it.
We will be checking to update the examples.


As SEs are concerned, there is no difference between,






They all equal the same thing when the alpha text is resolved.

crop circles