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This community-built FAQ covers the “Code Challenge” exercise from the lesson “Code Challenges”.

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I’ve been working on the express.js code challenges and have questions that hopefully somebody can help with.
For challenge number 6, here is my code https://gist.github.com/49bd6c5578762f4bc9447f2b9ecac9b4
My question is from line 32 where the code is:
currencies[currencyName] = newCountries;
I understand that this is assigning the new array from req.query to currencies[currencyName]. My question is doesn’t this erase the countries key from the currencies object? In my first solution, I wrote the code below:
currencies[currencyName][countries] = newCountries;
And it didn’t pass the test. Any thoughts on what happens to the original countries key in the currencies object? Doesn’t it get erased?


I got stuck on this too.
They sending query with countries key and array. I think it’s not right way.