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This community-built FAQ covers the “Code Challenge 14” exercise from the lesson “Code Challenges”.

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It’s very infuriating when you follow the instruction and still get an error just to ask for the solution and find that there were instructions missing. In this exercise they never mention ANY reference to what to do with the information they ask you to retrieve, yet in order to have a correct answer, you need to add a callback function. Instructions shouldn’t lack such specificity.


Any idea why this wouldn’t work?

db.get("SELECT traffic FROM TrainStation WHERE station_id = 38 AND month = $month;", {
  $month: new Date().getMonth();
}, (err, row) => {
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yeah! I was trying the same … and keep getting an error!
solution -> they just wanted to write the month name directly to the query …

Especially with something like this where dates can have such wild formats it’d be nice to at least have a console so we can look to figure it out ourselves.

Current month could be 8 as an integer, ‘08’ as a string, ‘AUG’, ‘Aug’, 'AUGUST, or ‘August’ and all are valid.

When is printQueryResults() the correct option over console.log()?

This is actually way better, thanks for sharing your code!