FAQ: Code Challenges - Code Challenge 12

This community-built FAQ covers the “Code Challenge 12” exercise from the lesson “Code Challenges”.

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Web Development

Learn Node-SQLite

FAQs on the exercise Code Challenge 12

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Hi, Code Challenge 12 was already completed when I entered. Anyone else had this?

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Yeah, for me as well. I came here as there is no bug report option, but you beat me to it :slight_smile:

I had the same problem. It’s been 6 months… I’ve reported this bug by clicking Get Help on the bottom right of the screen.

And another six months later I experienced the same thing… still no correction

I also had the same problem I’ll report a bug to the CC team

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And here we are in August, same thing.

18 months later and still nothing done about it.

Still gives free answer. Reported the bug again in hopes of change.

It’s fixed !!! Let me be the first to say the bug is fixed long live exercise 12… I was here to chime in saying I actually enjoy this structure a lot more… I feel its more hands on than a quiz or even a project. If they added a project component on to this little course would be so down.

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It may be fixed, but they’re far too picky in how they check the solution. It doesn’t just have to work; it has to be formatted and spaced in exactly the same way as they did. Heaven forbid you use different syntax or variable names, regardless of whether or not the result comes out the same.

Yeah I couldn’t agree more sometimes the persnickety-nessosity is a little too real. This just happened to me in React unit… I was like what did I do wrong though? …oh I see no capital F on friends… understandable :upside_down_face: … Forgive me error Gods for I am but your humble servant…

I mean sometimes it’s just the nuisance of computer languages? If the end result they’re looking for is a particular variable being set to a certain value, then yes, it will have to be exact because the language is case sensitive.

But if you asked me to return a variable “Friend” equal to an image string, and I did that, but an internal variable I used along the way to generate that string didn’t happen to be the same word they picked when they did it - even with this word not specified in the directions - just why?