FAQ: Code Challenges - Code Challenge 1

This community-built FAQ covers the “Code Challenge 1” exercise from the lesson “Code Challenges”.

Paths and Courses
This exercise can be found in the following Codecademy content:

Web Development

Learn Node-SQLite

FAQs on the exercise Code Challenge 1

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Hi, i’m a little confused with this sections code challenges.
I don’t understand why this web development path has code challenges about problems that don’t come until later in the path. What I mean is, so far i’m at the 12th checkpoint and haven’t encountered any lessons on SQL or the like, and the next lesson is about SQL and the code i’m encountering in this code challenge. I’m concerned maybe this code challenge is in the wrong position because just from this paths timeline it’d be impossible to finish these challenges because iv’e never learned about them yet.

And in- case your thinking maybe I just skipped a lesson by accident or didn’t pay attention. The hint for the first code challenge has a link that leads to a future lesson that I can’t even view because I get a message saying I must start from the beginning of that lesson. Which further proves that this code challenge must be in the wrong part of the web development path.

So if any information could be given soon I would really appreciate it. Until then i’m just gonna skip these code challenges and go on because if I try to do them I would not be able to retain the information and would have to just be given the solution.

It ended up getting resolved it was a problem on the placement of the project.