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This community-built FAQ covers the “Code Challenge 4” exercise from the lesson “Code Challenge: Queries”.

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Japanese and price - I didn’t know it was based on $$ not an actual number - how was I supposed to know this?

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One way to go is

FROM nomnom

This will return the unique values for the price column. Then you’ll learn that this column takes the dollar signs as its values.


I just ran the usual query to get a look at the data before I wrote the conditions:

FROM nomom;
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This one was kind of misleading because it mentions that you’re on a budget, but the conditions in your code that you need to meet are

WHERE cuisine = 'Japanese'
AND price = '$$'

It should also accept:

WHERE cuisine = 'Japanese'
AND price <= '$$'

Hi, the following code should also work since cuisine is a text type and SQL is case insensitive.

 select * from nomnom
 where cuisine = 'japanese' and price ='$$';

What could be the problem here?

You’re telling me. I got everything else right I just didn’t know the table name was ‘nomnom’ pretty frustrating

I agree with your reasoning and came here to point out that a query that returns ‘$’ as well as ‘$$’ restaurants would be appropriate for the situation.

Does SQL parse strings in such a way that ‘$’ is valued at “LESS THAN” ‘$$’?

My first thought was that it wouldn’t, but now I’m not sure.