FAQ: Code Challenge: CSS Design - Display

This community-built FAQ covers the “Display” exercise from the lesson “Code Challenge: CSS Design”.

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The only thing we’re changing on this exercise is the “display:inline-block;” under the #left, correct? I did that, but it kept telling me it was incorrect. Then I got the solution just to find it was the exact same thing I did?? Anyone else have this issue or maybe I’m missing something?


Exactly the same problem here.


Funny you just posted in this today. I’m having a problem with this one, too.

Same as graceypoo13 - finally went to the solution and it was what I already had. :expressionless:

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float: left;

also does the trick and gets recognized as correct.


I did both, float: left and inline-block, both were marked incorrect.

So, is changing to inline-block a BETTER solution than float left?

you can also use. position: absolute on the left element and position relative on the right.

I did position fixed on the left elem and position relative on the right and that worked…im not sure why. any idea?

In my browser, my “incorrect” solution looks closer to the target than the codecademy “solution”:


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Note the white line between red and blue in the official solution.

I’m using safari

I have the exact same code as you, but mine keeps getting marked wrong!

Tried this too – still wrong. ???



I kept going with the correct code – Codecademy kept telling me it was wrong.

I revealed the solution and it matched my code EXACTLY.

This code challenge is challenged.

BUG REPORT: Entering the correct code does not allow us to pass. PLEASE FIX THIS.

Entering the correct answer and still does not pass even after a total cache dump and reseting the workspace. I am not allowed to view the test files, but obviously something needs adjustment.

I have compared the starting code and the “Answer” which allows me to continue. There is not so much as an extra line of code, extra space, or any number out of place.


same here. did anyone manage to resolve this issue or is this the end of the line in this web development course? i cannot move past this task.

revealing the solution did let me move on. i also sent a bug report, hopefully it will get fixed.

Had the exact same problem with display set to inline-block. I changed the browsers zoom from 110% to 100% and it worrked


This answer needs to be higher up, solved my issue.


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This happened to me too. I’m hoping if they see enough people mention it they’ll fix it for the people who come after us.

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thanks for saying this! After trying 100 stupid variations to get past this one, I read your comment, changed my zoom, and immediately passed.