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This community-built FAQ covers the “Movie Review” exercise from the lesson “Code Challenge: Control Flow”.

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Hi everyone!

I just have a quick question to fully understand this simple boolean code.

If the movie rating is less than or equal to 5 prints something, if it is less than 9, prints something else. Fine. But 4 is less than 5 AND less than 9. Wouldn’t that rating print “Avoid at all costs” and “This one was fun”?

Sorry for my ignorance I am very new at coding, and thank you in advance.

Write your movie_review function here:

def movie_review(rating):
if(rating <= 5):
return “Avoid at all costs!”
if(rating < 9):
return “This one was fun.”
return “Outstanding!”

Uncomment these function calls to test your movie_review function:


should print “Outstanding!”


should print “Avoid at all costs!”


should print “This one was fun.”

Yes, that is so, however since we return for the first test, that value will have been processed and the second if will never be seen since we’ve exited the function.

Oh I see. That makes sense. Thank you.

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