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This community-built FAQ covers the “Code Challenge 1” exercise from the lesson “Code Challenge: Aggregate Functions”.

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Why is it when I get stuck and ask for the solution, it gives me what is already on the screen? After I do the task and RUN it, an error comes up at the bottom. I ask for the SOLUTION, and it gives me the same answer I put up but then a green check is there. Did I do it wrong or right?

Before picking the solution, copy all your code and paste it into your text editor, then when the solution appears, copy and paste it, as well; then compare the two.

The difference can be subtle and in some cases almost trivial. The SCT has a limited range of checking options and is not exhaustive.

From my experience the learning environment interface is sometimes buggy and there is no sure fire way to get around it. I end up doing lots of refreshes, Reset, etc. Just be sure to have a copy on hand of your latest work so you have some place to restart from.

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Thanks for the help, mtf. But seriously, right now, I am feeling a little overwhelmed. I may be one of those people who can’t learn on their own. I may need a classroom. I mean, it seems to be going so slow and I feel as if I’m not learning anything. Any suggestions?

Hello, Lynne. I hope you kept going. Learning to code is a challenge, and like learning anything else, we have to stick to it. (Sometimes a break – for a minute, a day, a week, or longer – is helpful. While you take a break on one language, give another a shot.)

This code the Aggregate Functions challenge doesn’t make sense to me:


FROM users

WHERE email LIKE ‘%.com’;

I have no clue as to why we use the ‘AS’ clause in this as well as keep getting confused as to the ‘%’ spacing on every question because sometimes it’s ‘whatever%’ or '%whatever%'or ‘%whatever’ and they all mean different things

Then the follow up question, why is AS used as it is in this problem?

SELECT first_name, COUNT(*) AS ‘count’
FROM users
GROUP BY first_name

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When you run the script, you see that the column name in the Query Results is presented as count rather than COUNT(*). As the programmer, you understand the difference. If you are coding this for someone else’s use, that person (customer, perhaps) won’t necessarily know what COUNT(*) means.

Here’s an analogy from the everyday world: acetylsalicylic acid is commonly known as aspirin. Which of those is meaningful to the non-expert?

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So its more for courtesy of others than it is actually required to pass the exercise? lol They mentioned nothing about adding an AS clause so i never though of it. Here I was doubting my ability lol

It never occurred to me to use the AS clause until I compared my query results to the provided hint :flushed: Makes sense - I know I wouldn’t want to provide a data set to someone else with COUNT(*) as one of the column headers. Wish I’d remember to apply a basic SQL concept :roll_eyes: :smile: