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This community-built FAQ covers the “Creating Objects” exercise from the lesson “Classes and Objects”.

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Why do we not set title as a parameter for get_title() like we did with other functions? Is it because it’s already defined in the class scoop and isn’t needed as a parameter anymore?

Recall that parameters are optional when defining functions.

While the first method, add_title, assigns a value to title, get_title simply returns a value – the string “title.”

These could have been combined in a single function. And while the course presentation is showing us different methods (functions) that are part of the class, there is also a practical benefit to this approach demonstrated in the next part of the lesson.

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Not gonna lie. Not quite sure I understand the point of functions. Anyone care to enlighten me?

Functions are used for repetitive code. If you remember from an earlier lesson which was the IT support we had to create functions to make our code more organized and less repetitive.

when using get_title() why do we need to use “std::cout<<” before calling it? I thought the get_title() function printed the title name?


Hello, @itsmariawood, and welcome to the forums.

If you look at the get_title() method in the song.cpp file, you’ll see there is only a single line of code inside the method:

std::string Song::get_title() {

  return title;


return hands a value back to the line of code that called the method. return does not print anything, it only returns values. std::cout<< is the command to print something to the console. The something printed in this case is the value returned by the method call which is the song title.


Good day to all.

I’m stuck with the second point in the creating objets instructions. I don´t know what i’m doing bad, but i can’t find the solution.

Can you tell me what i am doing wrong, please?


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You have to pass in the title as a parameter. Since “add_title” is a function and not a parameter (i.e. int or bool are parameters), the title cannot be simply assigned with an “=”.

Instead you need to pass in the argument as: electric_relaxation.add_title(“Electric Relaxation”);


In the 7th Line where you have done title = "XYZ’
I t should be title = (“XYZ”)

I basically did the same thing and it worked on the codecademy site but in VSCode it doesnt work and the error is:

undefined reference to `Song::add_title(std::__cxx11::basic_string<char, std::char_traits, std::allocator >)’

undefined reference to `Song::get_titleabi:cxx11

collect2.exe: error: ld returned 1 exit status

When i try to run it manualy with:
g++ music.cpp song.cpp -o main.exe

nothing happens

Can we access the attributes of a class?
In the exercise, I think it gonna be quicker if we print out the attribute itself (which already be given value) instead of printing return value of a method.

We mainly prefer to use functions to return values and the main() to show printed values in console. Is a good practice that you will have to deal preferably.

Hi all,
so sad Classes & Objects are very very poorly explained anyway I will find another resource to understand, it motivates me more