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This community-built FAQ covers the “Development Operations” exercise from the lesson “Careers in Computer Science”.

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So what they actually do? CI/CD + NGINX?

Hey, I know this question is 4~ years old, but I can answer for anyone else:
My current role is DevSecOps Engineer for the government. Thats DevOps but with security in mind during the CI/CD process (code check/review for vulnerabilities, sensible security practices like user privileges). But I’ll talk more about DevOps:

DevOps, a subset of agile culture, encompasses the CI/CD process by making the development to product be less complex and more responsive to changes in requirements. This would be done by unifying the automation processes of development, maintenance, and testing creating a cyber pipeline.

Within an agile framework, those combined groups can be broken into their own teams (each team having a dev, tester, maintainer, etc.) to tackle assigned tasks.

DevOps person would need to be very familiar with version control systems, a scripting language to be handy, and familiarity with database, and program language relevant for the environment/job.