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select 100./2000 ;

why dot is used after 100 in the churn project for calculating percentage

Moreover , i want to know whether we can do all type of calculation in this way?


The dot makes the decimals visible in the result.

SELECT 100./2000; – will give you 0.05 as a result

SELECT 100/2000; – without the dot the result is 0

You can calculate mathematical values using SELECT by using the common mathematical operators such as addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*), division (/).

Unfortunately I’ve failed to find any official documentation about this at the SQLite website.

However you can try it from your sqlite command prompt.

Instructions on how to install SQLite:

You can download Git here:
And then you can run git-bash from the Start Menu, if you are using Windows.


This sounds like a basic question but I don’t get why my calc is wrong

SELECT 450. / (3000 + 500);

3000 base, plus 500 in the same period. Lost 450. The question is suggesting SELECT 450. / 3000;. What happened to the + 500?


Since we’re calculating April’s churn rate, any number of users added during April is not counted when calculating churn.

Only the one’s lost.

They’re trying to trick us :slight_smile: