FAQ: Build Your First Alexa Skill - Service Simulator II

This community-built FAQ covers the “Service Simulator II” exercise from the lesson “Build Your First Alexa Skill”.

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Introduction to Alexa

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I don’t see ‘JSON Input’ or ‘JSON Output’ in test tab. I only see ‘Skill I/O is available only for speech requests to skills you have created.’ (which is seen in the video as well but disappears once there is a request)

I do get output for what’s asked in the Simulator tab but, don’t see the text content to view request and response.

i am facing a similar problem, did you manage to find a fix for it? i presume its because we didnt actually implement the lambda function ourselves but rather just copied the ARN endpoints.


When I input >> “tell code academy hello”

I get this reply >> “I solemnly swear I am up to no good, White Family”

I checked all my current enable skills and the only one that is active is the one I created in this exercise but is called > White Family

I disabled this skill and repeated this exercise 3 times and this is what I get.

Also I get this >>Skill I/O is available only for speech requests to skills you have created.is >> " and >> “previous rendered templates are not available to view.” on the Json and Lambda boxes.

Is this normal?


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Yep, same problem. Any answer on this?

Bump, same issue here

Hey @mr.replicant, @nejjy, and @bytecoder84128, thanks for reporting! I’m a Curriculum Developer here and I’d like to help out.

Before fixing anything, I need to reproduce the issue. Could you each share:

  1. The exact ARN you are using on the developer portal
  2. The JSON code shown under “JSON Editor”
  3. The utterance you typed to get that response

Here are mine:

  1. The exact ARN you are using on the developer portal You can find this under the Endpoint page

  2. The JSON code shown under “JSON Editor”
    nicks_model.txt (1.0 KB)

  3. The utterance you typed to get that response
    “tell code academy hello”

I am receiving the same so I decided to push through to the next lesson: “Create a New Intent”, but I believe that has been altered as well. When testing “ask code academy what’s my favorite language”, it returns no content. Can we get a notification when the course is back online? Thanks!

And here are mine as well:
ARN being used: arn:aws:lambda:us-east-1:151096212661:function:codecademyLearnAlexaIntro-ii
JSON being used: https://justpaste.it/3m6l8
Utterance that returns odd response: “open code academy”, “tell code academy hello”

Thanks @bytecoder84128! I found the issue and I’m working with the Alexa team to fix it.

Any updates on “Skill I/O is available only for speech requests to skills you have created.” ? Still not able to see the JSON input / output

I was experiencing the same problem and came here hoping to find an answer. I looked at the list of enabled skills on my amazon account and found one entitled “White Family Code Academy”. I disabled it from my alexa phone app as I couldn’t get it to disable from the web broswer. After it was disabled my own changes to the lambda response was recognized. Hopefully the Code Academy team can figure out a permanent solution but I thought I’d let you know how I got around it.

I don’t see the “White Family Code Academy” skill listed in my account but I’m still getting “I solemnly swear I am up to no good, White Family” as a response.

I was hoping it was a quick fix but no luck as of yet.

I have the same issue - I don’t understand why there is still reference to White Family? did you solve the problem?