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Help. :frowning:
How to finish this exercise?

Hi ! I think I need some help here. I can’t go to the next lesson, the next button is greyed out and there is no RUN button so that I can mark this lesson as checked. It’s the Intermediate CSS Course / Browser Compatibility / Pleasant Cafe.

Is it a bug ?

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@mladenspasojevi64640 @chrisgeek07
If you cannot get past this exercise, try pressing the refresh button which is next to the url (http://localhost:8000/).
[The refresh button looks like this: :arrows_counterclockwise:]

Try to do the same with the second exercise, as well
All remaining exercises (3 to 6) have a code section which you can run, so there should be no further problems.

I hope this works.
Happy coding!

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Thanks a lot I’ll try that and see if it works !

I tried to refresh as you said numerous times, still didn’t work.

Then I just thought of reseting the workspace and it was all good.
@mladenspasojevi64640 Try that out, it should definitely work !

Happy Coding ! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I was having this problem too, but refreshing the localhost:8000 section did not fix it. For me, I had to type the url for a different website in place of localhost:8000 in order to get the Next button to enable. Hope this helps anyone else facing this issue!


I have same problem.

Hi @sihabalisrabon ! Had the same issue.

So just try resetting your workspace, then you should be able to go to the next topic.
You might have to do this for this entire lesson.
Let me know if this worked for you.

Happy Coding !

If I run into that situation where the code matches the solution as shown and it still won’t advance, I reset the lesson and then the browser and do it over.
Then if it still doesn’t pass to the next one, I simply go to the solution and click the “replace with solution”, and you can at least go to the next level.
That has worked a few times when it refused to pass, even when the code matched the solution perfectly, and it has happened more than once.

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On this lesson 1 of Browser Compatability, when I did the test with both my Chrome and my Firefox browser (I use the Developer Edition, it’s the best lol) neither one showed the full website, all I got on the Firefox browser was just under the one cup of coffee, it looks like it is a full image, but then in Chrome it was cutting off some of the bottom of the same image.
Still did not show the second cup, period. Any ideas?
This one is in my Firefox DE:

This is the bottom of the image in Chrome:

They look the same on the bottom but they are not, but more importantly, neither one showed the second cup; both cut it off.

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same here, tried to compare and match my code and solution, but sometimes it’s pretty hard and frustrating.

still same. But not only this case. For several of the previous lessons, what showed on the right side does not match the instruction. Hope they can address such problems as soon as possible.

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Sometimes you can go into their Discord server if you cannot get a decent response in the forum, I am in that Discord server and sometimes it helps.
So, one thing I had come across a while back was someone was complaining that they never see most of this stuff in real life coding, well, that might well be debatable as I am not an expert, just a beginner, but I am only after the principles through most of the courses and online schools and resource websites. Those are ultimately what I need in this time period. If I were young, there are many resources to invest in and gain most of the necessary knowledge to program.
So, there are a few of the lessons that that is exactly the case, that either the editor doesn’t match with the preview, or the video has slightly different steps. Don’t worry about it too much, try here and then perhaps the Discord server might be a cool resource for you.
Here is the Codecademy Discord server, I left it in full link length so you can see the URL that it is a good site:
Codecademy Community.
Let me know if there is any thing I can help you with beside fixing the site hahahaha!!! I wish I could lol