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This community-built FAQ covers the “Transpilation With Babel” exercise from the lesson “Browser Compatibility and Transpilation”.

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Introduction To JavaScript

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I’m stuck with this exercise.

I don’t get it, where/how to write in the Terminal?
Please see the screenshot.
Initially I thought that the Browser might be faulty, but I tried Google Chrome and same issue occurs.

Thank you!


I’ve found a solution.
So for some reason the Terminal did not load properly (even in the 2nd browser), after a few page refresh it worked fine.


When I type:

npm run build
and then:

I am getting message that permission was denied.
Anybody got same problem or know solution?
See ssCapture2


I submitted feedback for this exercise, because it leaves a lot unwritten. Badly written instructions leave it unclear that you should press enter for the first two steps, then it’s also unclear how exactly you should access the ES5 code (mentioned in step 3). Codecademy usually has good instructions in it’s exercises, but in this one the writer assumed a lot and left out details accordingly.


ya Im not sure how to run that .lib file to check out what babel did. can someone help?


For me, when I try to access the folder ./lib/main.js it says “No such file or directory”.
I also think they left a lot of instructions unwritten. Even when they say to refresh to see the lib/main.js directory, they don’t explain how to refresh. I searched online and there is no refresh command for npm. The closest to refresh would be reload or restart but none of them worked for me as I couldn’t find a way to view the directory :confused:
Anyone any tips?


I agree it’s poorly written, especially for CC where instruction is usually clear. I muddled through it as follows:

Hit ‘enter’ after each step of code in the terminal (window to the far right labeled ‘bash’):

‘npm install babel-cli’ followed by ‘enter’
‘npm install babel-preset-env’ followed by ‘enter’
‘npm run build’ followed by ‘enter’

Then, navigate to ‘./lib/main.js’ using the folder icon to the left of ‘main.js’. Once you click the folder icon, simply navigate to that file. Click on ‘main.js’ inside ‘lib’ and another window will be created with the ES5 code (transpiled from ES6). See screenshot:


Despite doing all of that, I have neither a ./lib nor a ./node_modules folder. I’m not sure what I should do, please help :smiley:


Ok, it has suddenly appeared, thanks anyway


You rock for showing this. I was stuck, and you unstuck me!

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I don’t get what this terminal is. I mean, when I work on an exercise I can always replicate it on my computer by creating a .html and .js file and opening it in my browser to see it I can really reuse what I learned. But here I don’t get it, if I wanted to do the same outside of CC website, where would I have to run the “npm install babel-cli” etc?


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On Windows 10, type on the search bar (bottom right) terminal or Command Prompt. Then after writing in each line of code, press enter.