FAQ: Browser Compatibility and Transpilation - npm init

you saved my day I was about to close it and do something else. Thanks

This section was ok up til like page 6 where the instruction started talking about voodoo magic that i didn’t understand. Hello? you’re talking to a completely beginner. Get off your high horse and explain

Hi everyone!

Im having a bit of trouble understanding this section BROWSER COMPATIBILITY AND TRANSPILATION 6/11 npm init

I’m not sure if its a browser issue, but as soon as the text in the terminal is longer than the page, I cant scroll down to the bottom lines to see what I’m typing.

Also, Ive typed in ‘ls’ to see the directory structure, then ‘npm init’ to create the package.json file, but when entering the details (name and description) and leaving the other fields blank, I’m asked to type ‘yes’ to finish initialising.
When hitting return after typing ‘yes’, the terminal just fills up with 'y’s ie

y (continues all the way down the page)

Am I doing something wrong here?
The lesson is marked as complete, but I cant get to the bottom of terminal to type in ‘ls’ again to see the new file structure.

the information in parenthesis are just the default info. you don’t need to type yes, just hit enter

send bug reports on the lesson. hopefully it will make them work on it.