FAQ: Browser Compatibility and Transpilation - Introduction

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i want to know if now in 2019 are still there browser compatibility issues, do i still need to learn this ?

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A few questions:

Do programmers use ES6 as a kind of syntactic sugar? Or are there concepts in ES6 that are unique to ES6 only - as in, the concept itself, not the way you write it.

I understand how ES6 is much easier to work with and takes up less memory, so does converting it into ES5 change the memory size as well?

When will there be a time (if there is a time) where ES6 is accepted by most browsers? Has this already happened?

Thank you

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ES6 is accepted by most browsers. The main exception seems to be IE11. You may find this chart helpful:


i can’t go to the babel javascript ES6 to ES5 site it but keeps sending me to babbel the language learning site.

Yes. Not everyone has the latest browsers. So keeping that in mind, we should transpile our code to lower versions for wider browser support. Also, suppose you wrote beautiful ES6 js code in your website. You launched your website. If your code is not supported by the end user’s browser, it will be not render the desired results you wanted to display.