FAQ: Browser Compatibility and Transpilation - .babelrc

AH!! Thank You I was totally stuck!

Very helpful, thanks :smile:

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I agree I have no idea what is going on.
not even a tiny bit.
moving up the levels of the exercise feels like cheating because I am just guessing.

Thank you so much!!!

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Well said @attn2details I finished all the lessons, had to reset a number of times so the files actually appeared where the lesson suggested. That helped to have the whole thing make at least some sense.

But now that I am done I am essentially clueless as to what just happened. Almost no input on this thread from moderators or syllabus directors, which feels a little cheap since so many of us are not understanding this.

Thanks!!! I don’t think I’d get that without your note.

:top: :top: :top: So good! I was struggling since yesterday night haha. Thank you!

I don’t understand what exactly is going on in this exercise, how to do this, and how this will help me on my coding journey. Could someone give me a rundown on this lesson?

Agreed. I did everything everyone else said and it didn’t work. I also reset the lesson, that still didn’t work. Someone suggested to physically go into the editor and create the file, that is the only reason I am onto the next part of the lesson. This type of thing is frustrating and makes me really wonder if I am actually going to be prepared to be a web developer or if this is a waste of time.

Thanks, Love u! I spent 20 minutes trying to figure out! Your awesome

THANK YOU! <3 Made my day!

Who ever responsible for this particular section sucks and doesn’t know how to teach. You’re assuming people would know all the vocabs you’re spitting out. Then the instructions are vague and sucks as well. The point to learning this section is lost in the confusion vocab soup. Its like you’re trying to sound really smart but all you’re doing is causing confusion and frustration

I know that it has been a couple years but for anyone else, you have to click on the little folder icon to the left a the main.js title and then click on the .babelrc and write what is says to write in the instructions.

Thank you. That was the missing piece. As others have said - this part of the learning is not explained adequately for newbies. We are following instructions without having been given any sense of the environment or how things “hang together” and what is really going on. A little frustrating.

idk about mac, but putting the dot in front of your file hides it. you need to use some flags on the ls command to see it. try ls -lah

Using nano worked for me

Thank you! I used the terminal to complete all the steps but when I clicked “run” it kept failing me. I needed to actually open the file with the file explorer and then click run

I would say we should all send bug reports on the lesson. hopefully it will make them work on it.

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man, codecademy could’ve explained this a little better…or at all. They do realize most of us are brand new right?

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it is extremely infuriating that it was assumed that i would think to click on the little folder in even though I have not once in the course so far been asked to ever touch the little folder or what it does