FAQ: Browser Compatibility and Transpilation - .babelrc

thanks, it works!
There is file icon I first time to see

Wow, the only thing I was suppose to do is to write code with space between touch and .babelrc :smile:
Maybe that’s stupid, but I’m a beginner and maybe somebody else have the same problem…

I tried to make this edit using vim and I was able to edit the file and save it right in bash. But it wasn’t enough to satisfy codecademy. This step definitely needs to debugging by the codecademy team.


Thanks a lot! This was so helpful

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the real hero right here.

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Thank you!!! Nothing else was making sense as I only had a main.js file.

I hope it helps someone in here. I struggled a lot wit the exercises. I do not use additional resources (other editors), I only use what Codecademy has to offer.

Here are some of my observations, which may come in handy:

  1. Disable your AdBlock (right click with the mouse on the AdBlock icon in the upper right corner of your browser window -> choose “Pause on this site” or other relevant option)
  2. Notice that you have two tabs in your Learn JavaScript Codecademy window: main.js and bash. Next to the main.js, on the left you have a little folder icon. Click on it, to see the project directory. If you haven’t finished the first step of the exercise yet, you most likely see there only “node modules”, “package.json” and “src”.
  3. To compete the first step, you need to type into “bash” tab: touch .babelrc. Be aware or the space between touch and the dot. Now, hit enter. The .babelrc file should appear into the project directory.
  4. Completing the second step of the exercise got my head cracking. It is sayed: " Open the .babelrc file and add an object that specifies the preset to "env"".
    I tried all the logical and not so logical options what popped into my mind, but wit no success at first. To open the .babelrc file, you need to click on it in the project directory. If it works, you should see next to your project directory between the “Main.js” tab and “bash” tab additional tab: “.babelrc” - this is the tab where you shoud type the
    “presets”: [“env”]
    And hit “Run” at the bottom of this “.babelrc” tab.
    If you do not see the “.babelrc”, click refresh on your web-browser and try again (It worked for me).



Big Agree with @codingcode I was like oh this was not covered in the single Bash course I took. The instructions need to be MUCH clearer. I didn’t notice that happy little folder icon until today years old. They could have mentioned it sooner and with much lower level material if this already doesn’t look like lower level stuff to Masters of Codes :partying_face:

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This exercise is terrible and seriously needs to be reworked. They don’t provide you with any BASH syntax and I had no idea how to add the required text into the folder they wanted, which didn’t even appear at first! I had no clue you could use the GUI with main.js and that the folder button is how they wanted you to complete the lesson until I checked this post. This entire lesson is SERIOUSLY flawed in its instructions and execution.


I hate how they basically give you a fully-functional Linux terminal and then only want you to complete the assignment in a specific way.

nano .babelrc

and then adding the required code should have completed the assignment. It should check for the presence of a .babelrc file in the root directory, and then should check that .babelrc file against the assignment requirements.

You create it by typing “touch .babelrc” into the console.

This course has been great up until this section, this section just makes no sense and assumes way too much of the user.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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Thank you sooooo much was stuck and this solved it :smiley:

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I get that it’s a beginner walk-through but having to use touch to create .babelrc is kind of a pain.

Biggest issue is that “Run the code” is so ambiguous whereas the entire step can just be completed with

`vim .babelrc’

or better yet

cat >> ./.babelrc << EOF
“presets”: [“env”]

You’re a real one…thank you haha

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Thanks a ton! I agree that the course has been great up until this section. Codecademy needs to clean up this section.

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Yes!!! AdBlock was somehow bugging all this. Thank you.

For those who struggle and need a visual explanation, hopefully this helps. :+1:

Make sure to be in the right folder and window (blue highlight) before typing in terminal and/or code editor.


My head almost explode lollll. thank you for your help

Thank you so much. I wasn’t understanding what it meaning.

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