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This community-built FAQ covers the “.babelrc” exercise from the lesson “Browser Compatibility and Transpilation”.

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"Open .babelrc using the file explorer in the code editor.

Add the following object to the file:

“presets”: [“env”]

I am at a complete loss. I have been searching the directory in the code editor for over an hour and can find nothing like “.babelrc” listed. Where do I find it?


" Your project directory contains the following folders and files:

|_ node_modules
|___ .bin
|___ ...
|_ src
|___ main.js
|_ .babelrc
|_ package.json

No it doesn’t. I have followed along with all the prompts from this section correctly (at least, I assume that I have since the tutorial has allowed me to progress as far as section 8 of this chapter). But I do not have have a layout akin to this in my root directory. I have the “node modules” and package.json" and “Main.js” but not “.babelrc” or “bin” or “…” Where am I going wrong?


You could create it.

$ touch .babelrc

Just make sure it goes into the right directory, whichever that is. (the directory structure you posted shows how the project dir relates to the other dirs)

I don’t know about your files, but there’s a .babelrc in my home directory. It could be old, and I don’t know if babel would look there. Maybe. Might want to create it in your project directory like they suggest is where it should exist anyway.


It took me a second to figure this out, but there’s a tiny little folder icon just to the right of the main.js tab in the middle of your screen. If you click that, after you run the $touch .babelrc, you should see the file browser they mention in the reading portion, and you’ll see .babelrc in there. If you do an ls on the directory, .babelrc will not show up. I hope this helps!


I’m having the exact same problem. I’ve followed every instruction but when I go to the file directory the only file there is main.js. Out of curiosity I clicked the ‘show me solution’ button and checked the file directory again but it’s still just main.js; it allows me to move on to the next step but I’m at a loss as to why it isn’t working.