FAQ: Basic Git Workflow - git init

This community-built FAQ covers the “git init” exercise from the lesson “Basic Git Workflow”.

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FAQs on the exercise git init

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In this lesson, are we creating a local or remote project/repository? Perhaps a short concepts intro would help setup lesson expectations.

Is this “bash” terminal only for Linux? Would I be typing this stuff into the Command Prompt on Windows?

You can (I have) install Bash on Windows. There are a few commands that work for both Command Prompt and Bash Terminal. See this link: https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux/4/html/Step_by_Step_Guide/ap-doslinux.html

In step 1, I added a string to some text file. In step 2 I typed git init at a bash prompt and it created a project directory under sorcerers code. Where and how did it know where to create it? (sorcerers-code) Was there some information I wasn’t aware of in Step 1 that told me where the .txt file was?