FAQ: Banking on Ruby - Creating the Account Class

This community-built FAQ covers the “Creating the Account Class” exercise from the lesson “Banking on Ruby”.

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while creating my class Account, I had a typed Acount by mistake and the program didn’t run because of the typo.

I thought we could give any name to a class (wasn’t on purpose), so why’s that? I’m pretty confused right now ó.ò


Well this is simply because the exercises will need to validate your code to let you move to the next step. So the program will check that you respected the guidelines. That’s actually pretty neat. It requires of you to be careful while coding and to double-check your work for errors.

Outside of Codecademy, you’ll be able to name your classes whatever you like.


Hi everyone!

I don’t under stand why we would want balance to have a default value of 100, Can someone please explain?


Hi everyone!

I’m confused here. I thought the point of or attr_reader was so we didn’t have to write out all of the code in the method ?

Can someone please explain?

The code that attr_reader is saving you from having to write is

  def name

  def balance

It is still necessary to write this in the initialize method:

def initialize(name, balance=100)
    @name = name
    @balance = balance

Regarding the previous question - suppose the account required a starting deposit of 100; it could make sense as a default value in this case, but it seems to be an arbitrary example here. It’s optional to include, or could be set to another value.