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This community-built FAQ covers the “Combinations” exercise from the lesson “Animation - Transitions”.

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What makes the span and .icon elements grow when loading the page initially?

When the tasks are completed, we have added declarations to define transitions using the pseudo class :hover, but that doesn’t explain why we have animation when re-loading the page in the workspace which occurs before we initialise the transition by hovering our mouse pointer over the button. I’ve read and played with the css a number of times but can’t identify the declarations that cause the loading animation.



Here’s my chime in. This ought to be the exercise from the drop. It’s practical in the sense they got you writing CSS rules from scratch and then you throw the kitchen sink :bathtub: (not a sink but close no?) of all the things that could possibly transitioned at it. Even though I enjoyed played the where’s Waldo: Gazelle Edition :deer: I think this exercise gives you a better feel for all the different animations and the power of the insert Wayne’s World finger and sound movements for transitions.

Also if you don’t get my film reference its okay… Here ya go:

but do yourself a favor and watch Wayne’s World if you are in need of a laugh.