FAQ and tips for contributing

Frequently Asked Questions and Tips

Feel free to ask questions, post tips, or offer feedback about improving your experience contributing to and using Docs!

Example questions w/ their corresponding tip:

:grey_question: What should I write my first contribution on?

Tip: You can check out the repo’s open issues. If you tag a Docs maintainer in a specific issue thread, someone may assign you to that issue.

:grey_question: I’ve been using GitHub’s GUI to contribute to Docs but I want to learn how to work with Git through the command line. I’m not sure how to get started. Any tips would be helpful!

Tip: First, you could figure out what IDE or text editor to use so you can create/edit the project and its files on your local machine. Apart from the Docs repository itself (which contains content standards and other useful info to get started), there’s a really helpful article that you can go over: How to Contribute to Codecademy Docs - DEV Community. Hope this helps!

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