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FAQ: Advanced Objects - The this Keyword

This community-built FAQ covers the “The this Keyword” exercise from the lesson “Advanced Objects”.

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FAQs on the exercise The this Keyword

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Better to use ‘this’ or ‘robot’? They both do the same thing in JS. When should you use ‘this’, and when should you use the variable initialisation?

const robot = {
model: ‘B-4MI’,
mobile: true,
greetMaster() {
console.log(I'm model ${robot.model}, how may I be of service?);

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The owner object is robot. this is the internal representation of the owner object, so it would make more sense to use it, rather than the name of the owner object. What happens if we clone this object under another name? It will still be referring to robot.

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My code is ‘wrong’, in the second exercise it states:

Inside the robot object, add a method named provideInfo . Inside the body of provideInfo() , return the following string by using interpolation:
I am MODEL and my current energy level is ENERGYLEVEL.
Replace ‘MODEL’ and ‘ENERGYLEVEL’ with the calling object’s model and energyLevel property.

And my code is:

const robot = {
  model: '1E78V2',
  energyLevel: 100,
  provideInfo() {
    return `I am a ${this.model} and my current energy level is ${this.energyLevel}. `;


But it says I have an error. Not a code error, but apparently not the right way to do it. I even went as far as logging the result to the console, this is the output:

I am a 1E78V2 and my current energy level is 100.

I can’t find a clue on why this is wrong!

EDIT: My ignorance found out you have to put I am MODEL not I am a MODEL


I don’t understand what the point of the “this” keyword is. Can’t you just use the name of the object instead, which makes it more clear what you’re referring to?

What if the need arises to clone the object, dynamically. If we use ‘this’ in the methods, it operates in any context, not just the original object as it would if we didn’t use ‘this’.

Bottom line, ‘this’ takes on the execution context of the owner object, and having the ability to clone objects depends upon this encapsulation.

What did I do wrong? It is not letting me pass #2

const robot = {
model : ‘1E78V2’,
energyLevel : 100,
return I am ${this.model} and my current energy level is ${this.energyLevel} .

It could be as simple as the space before the full stop.

Didn’t work when I changed it. :confused:

All good though. I understand the topic, and just clicked ‘Solution’ to move forward.


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