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This community-built FAQ covers the “Keys” exercise from the lesson “Advanced JSX”.

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const peopleLis = people.map((person, i) =>
  // expression goes here:
	<li key={"person_" + i}>{person}</li>

When dealing with this map() call, how is i getting assigned incremented? What’s it’s default value, and how is it getting that? As I look at this particular call, the only thing that I can see that would make the keys unique is the fact that the ‘person’ name would (hopefully) be.

I’d like to know this as well if it isn’t answered in a later lesson.

i is the index of the item, person in this case, in the array map is acting on, people in this case. The initial value of i will be the initial index of an array in JavaScript, 0. The handling of i is done behind the scenes for you. Array.map will pass in a number of things into the function you give it you can find them here:

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I have a question about this piece of code:

key={'person_' + i}

Why is the “person” wrapped in quotation marks, and appended with underscore?


Hi, so the lesson isn’t explained well at all but I just read in the forums here that the ‘i’ retrieves the index number of the list. So in the key “Person_” is a string and is joined with the index number, so the keys would come out Person_1, Person_2 etc