FAQ: Advanced JSX - JSX Conditionals: &&


This community-built FAQ covers the “JSX Conditionals: &&” exercise from the lesson “Advanced JSX”.

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Learn ReactJS: Part I

FAQs on the exercise JSX Conditionals: &&

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I am confused with the && operator in JSX.


What part of it are you confused by?

I think it’s something like

x && <jsx></jsx>

if x evaluates to true, the JSX element will render. If it evaluates to false, nothing renders


@javaslayer94101, thank you very much, that’s what I am confused.

Here is what I am thinking, the code below will evaluate to true or false. Why the <jsx></jsx> element is render when x is true.

x && <jsx></jsx>

I will spend more time to be comfortable with this coding style. I think I lack some basic knowledge about JavaScript.

Have a good day.


… Your example has { !baby && <li>Pizza</li> }

But it marks it as a fail if you put { !judgmental &&

  • Nacho Cheez Straight Out The Jar
  • }

    Am I missing something? Your answer is the exact same thing except without the spaces between the curlys and the contents???

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    No you’re not. Getting the same error. Unfortunately the React course is PACKED with these “bugs”. They only accept the answer if it’s matches their’s to the dot.

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