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This community-built FAQ covers the “Justify Items” exercise from the lesson “Advanced CSS Grid”.

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what is the difference between “justify-content” and "justify-item " commands?

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I set the width for .recipe to 200px, then I used the (justify-item:end) for .main but there wasn’t any change for the main?

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Add an ‘s’ to the end of ‘item’: justify-items: end;

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the difference is barely justify-items: end; vs visible justify-items: center;
check out the image


I hope that I’m understanding this correctly in which I am not giving out misinformation.

First off, the class .recipe has a width of 200px. The grid-template-columns have width 250px. So “justify-item” shifts the “.recipe” left and right within the 250px columns.

Next, “justify-content” moves the entire column across the page along the row axis. It moves the entire 250px box instead of just the item within the column.


Is worthwhile to study Flexbox and Pseudo classes, elements, selector CSS?
They are not obsolete? If not what are some benefits?

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I’m still learning myself and although Flexbox and Grids are similar they do have their differences. It’s worth learning them all as you may need a slightly different tool as a solution to a problem…


The text states that "by setting the justify-items property to center , the .card <div> s will be centered inside of their columns. They will only be as wide as necessary to contain their content (the words Card 1, etc). "

It works on the code they provide in the explanation, and I assumed it would work on any code. However, it doesn’t on the one in the exercise: if I don’t specify the width of the .recipe divs, they span the width of their columns even if I set justify-items to center in the main div. Why is that?

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