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This community-built FAQ covers the “Grid Auto Rows and Grid Auto Columns” exercise from the lesson “Advanced CSS Grid”.

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Why did we give the implicit grid-auto-rows property a greater height (500px) than the explicit grid-template-rows (450px)?

I guess it’s just for the sake of learning how grid-auto-rows can set a different height than the height specified by grid-template-rows. Aesthetically, however, I agree with you. We shouldn’t give a different height.


I still cannot understand why we need to Delete the height: 1600px; declaration from the main rule-set in style.css .?? Could someone please explain ? Thank you !

Hello! For some reason my brain couldn’t understand the concept from this chapter, but trying to find a source that could explain it to me I found this: https://css-tricks.com/difference-explicit-implicit-grids/

It clearly explained to me the reasoning of these properties with clear visuals and code examples to explain how and why they are used. I’m sorry Codeacademy! Your example here wasn’t straightforward enough for me!

These threads have helped me a lot along the way so I thought I would share something that helped me here.


I think since we added that 3rd row, the height of all the content now exceeds 1600px; you’ll notice the bottom two recipes get cut off, so deleting the height property stop the footer from covering anything.

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its because in align-content we gave the value of stretch ( which will stretch the container itself to occupy all the grid elements) but it can only function if a fixed height isn’t given to the container , so we had to remove the fixed height property ,so that the container itself can stretch to accommodate the newly added grid elements (u might have noticed that the page just got longer) .

I’m a newbie on the forums here, so hopefully this is the right place to ask this question: In the Grid Auto Rows and Grid Auto Columns example, it says “If we did not specify grid-auto-rows , the rows would be auto-adjusted to the height of the content of the grid items.” By “rows” does it mean the fifth div that will be added implicitly? The plurality is what’s throwing me off. Thanks!

It would be nice if in these lessons, when they ask us to do something, then ask “What do you notice?”, they would then give some explanation of what happened and why it happened.


I was just thinking the same.

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