Fancy up your font.....yeah


doesn't think I used the font-family atribute


Can you please provide more information about your problem ?


word word. i realized how terrible that post is and I'm trying to delete it but thank god for samaritans like you.

so heres my code

<body> <img src=""/>
  <p style="color:green" ; font-family="arial" ; font-size="20px">text</p>

so the site says my styling doesn't work but like why? ya know.


Try putting your <p>style all in one string.
This is my example:

<p style="font-size:20px; color:0099FF;font-family:Verdana">
	<!--some text-->


oh my ■■■■!!!

ok so heres the code




i don't know what I'm doing


I answered you above. Try doing my example on your code.
So instead of doing:
<p style="color:green" ; font-family="arial" ; font-size="20px">text</p>

try doing:
<p style="color:green ; font-family= arial ; font-size = 20px">text</p>


see i started with that, it didn't work so then I saw someone else and tried it and it's still not working.


This is my code that works.

<img src="" />
<p style="font-size:20px; color:0099FF;font-family:Verdana">
 <!-- some code -->


right?!? like whats is different?


I gave you 2 examples above. Watch the code for a bit and try to see. Don't make me tell you everything.
Look how many " " there are in your <p> and how many there are in mine


alright man, thanks for being patient with me. imma just keep plugging away.


It is not a problem to help just try to see or understand what I'm trying to give you.
Do you see the difference in " " between my <p> and your <p> ?


yeah for sure and I tried it both ways and thats what I don't get.


duuuuude... found it, font-family:arial, not font-family=arial.
hahaha ■■■■
well thanks stranger!


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