Famous Quote Generator

Hi Everyone, let me say I hope everyone is having a wonderful XMAS Holiday 2021!

I have been programming for awhile now and when I get stuck on something, I am determined to research and find the answer no matter how long that may take. I am new to the MERN Stack, my chops are fortified in the LAMP Stack, so Node JS throws me a curve every now and then. I actually created a one page app (index.html, css and script.js file), before I completed the actual assignment in VS Code. Overall, I needed that extra practice to wrap my mind around learning version control, as well as Node JS. This exercise took a few hours to complete due to the extra practice and research. Link to my repo is listed below. I do appreciate your feedback. Thanks in advance

Its a good program. But you should try and make it take parts from one quote and another part from another and make it combine the 2. Other than that Good Job.


Thanks for your feedback. Maybe soon I will write another program that does exactly that. Practice is always good…Thanks…Smile

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