Fake Apps - questions 4



Hello guys, is there another efficient way to solve the 4th. questions as my statement below ? Thanks a lot!

select name, category from fake_apps where downloads = (select max(downloads) from fake_apps);


We can use the MAX() function in the select list:

SELECT name, category, MAX(downloads) FROM fake_apps;


Hi mft, thanks a lot for your reply. Acutally I do not want to have the max. amout of time shown in the result.


Ah, yes. Then I am the wrong person to answer this question. Can look into it, though.

Is there some way to write it as the outer query, and the name and category as a subquery? Dumb question, I know, because that appears to be what you are doing. Hard to say how you would make that more efficient.

You might have to go searching, or take your question to SO where the pool of expertise is deeper.