Failure on Step 4: 404 when going to "/outbox"

At the moment of writing there is some issue with CodeAcademy’s routing, so even if you do the steps perfectly you’ll get a 404 when you go to “localhost:8000/outbox”. For whatever reason, setting

// inside the app.config() calls
.otherwise({ redirectTo: "/outbox" })

fixes this issue and the desired behavior is achieved.

Hey Nicolai,

Thanks for reporting this! Would you mind posting a link to the exercise so I can test it too? Thanks :slight_smile:

@mtf Thanks for the link.
I haven’t done that project yet, and don’t remember enough AngularJS off the top of my head to do it now, so I guess someone else will have to check :confused:

Thus far I’ve been able to reproduce the problem (404 output). Was advised to be sure I had completed the earlier lesson (guessing Outbox 1?). Went through that project with some help from an advisor. Then returned to Outbox 2, had code fixed but problem persists. The advisor is looking into it and will get back to me when an answer has been found. For now, be patient and continue with your studies.

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