Failing python in university

Hi I am struggling to learn python. First year here.
Anyone have tips to succeed or study it better

Have you considered taking the Python course on Codecademy to supplement your learning?

The only way to get better at coding is to practice, practice, practice. Best of luck to you!



I’m also taking Python as part of a module for Uni - I’ve been told it will help to take the Python course here to get me started.

like would you say do questions rather than study notes or both 50:50

If you’re truly committed, you should take the course here, study your notes, read through this free Python textbook, check out Codewars for Python practice, and make random programs to supplement your learning. Try, for example, to make a game that works in the command line written in Python.

There’s always more to do!

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i’m studiyng too from here

all books is online, with exercises and more :smile:

Hi @datasurfer35592 ,

Do you have a group of people at your school who can study Python together? Quite often, people can improve their skills by helping each other work through bugs, and by discussing, in detail, examples of code that work well.

If you are all going through the Codecademy Python track, you can also examine Q&A Forum responses together, and decide and explain which solutions you like, and which ones you do not, giving reasons for each.